Merging Humans and A.I.

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In 2119, about 2% of the human population is connected to the artificial intelligence infrastructure...literally. They have been “integrated” which means that they have their own on-board AI directly wired into their brains. The AI can instantly connect to the global AI network, capture data from the environment, monitor bodily responses to the environment, and process vast quantities of data. Those who can afford to be integrated sit at the top of the economy managing production and the functions of government. The move to the full integration of humans and machines was made possible by the continuous reduction in size of computer processors and the increase in processing power. The move to the first smartphones in the early 21st century initiated the cultural shift toward constant connectivity. These “phones” (i.e. small computers) increasingly managed all parts of an individual’s life. Each year increased connectivity, functionality, and reliance upon these devices. Once voice recognition moved to direct thought recognition through nodes in the brain, the integration with machines could not be stopped. 

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