General Overview of the Future

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In 2119, artificial intelligence manages all aspects of earth’s existence. This change came about slowly over 150 years. Looking back, the change appears to be a natural progression offering a benefit to the people and companies developing them. The developers gained but humans as a whole lost. 

The AI that dominate all aspects of life are are not the robots we seen in science fiction stories. They did not “come to life.” They are not conscious. The true AI of 2119 are not “alive” in the way that humans are alive. They are alive in a similar way that an ant colony is alive. The AI agents are high-level data processing machines connected to all systems of production. They are highly effective decision-makers with fully functional deep learning algorithms. They fulfill their programming by learning how to effectively solve new problems without intervention or support from humans. The AI agents do so without emotional attachments or the level of self-awareness of humans. 

Published Sources Supporting this Future